Experience the amazing reporting and tracking features of our new Growth tab!

Your StyleSeat account comes with built-in analytics tools. Get simple, essential business reports that show you stats on how you're doing in real-time. View a breakdown of your earnings by day, week, month, and year to see how your business is performing over time. 

Get up-to-date stats on your deposits and track when your hard-earned money will be credited to your bank account or debit card. View all of your Digital Gift Cards purchased by your clients and analyze your business growth with our handy reporting charts and tools that tie every interaction to revenue. 

We've compiled everything you need to monitor your business. Let us partner with you to help navigate your income and opportunities for growth!


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For a quick overview of your daily net earnings and a peek into your upcoming deposit. You can also track the extra revenue StyleSeat helps you earn! Your goals are our goals, let us help you get there! StyleSeat is here to grow your business the right way by getting new clients who are a custom fit for your business, and making sure you are getting paid what your time is really worth! 




Keep all of your transaction records neatly in one place. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns. 


What You’ll See

View a breakdown of your total earnings by day, week, month, and year as well as:

  • Appointment refunds
  • Your net earnings
  • Total tax
  • Total tips
  • Earnings from cash
  • Total revenue from credit cards
  • Total fees and a breakdown of each fee type





You can keep track of your deposit info directly from your account. We process deposits at 4 pm PT M-F but also offer Instant Deposits which do just that - instantly deposit your money to your debit card.


What You’ll See

  • At the top, you’ll see your “Current Balance.” (Only professionals with Next Day Payments will see "Current Balance" at the top).
  • This number is what will be included in your next Deposit.
  • As you process transactions, this number will grow.
  • You’ll see a list of past deposits below your “Current Balance.”
  • Pick a date range to see the deposits you’ve received in that timeframe.
  • “RECENT” will show the last 30 deposits you’ve received.
  • If you select a specific deposit from your list, it will show you all of the transactions that make up that deposit as well as a breakdown of what fees were taken out.
  • To receive your money same-day, you can sign up for Instant Deposits



What You’ll See

  • Look into your ExpressPay revenue (including the service, cost, appointment id, client id, payment method, checkout time, and date).
    • Past 14 days
    • Past 30 days
    • Custom date range
  • From this screen on a browser, you can then generate a Revenue Report, a more detailed breakdown of all your transactions (including non-ExpressPay checkouts). To generate this report, just click the "Export Data" button in the upper right. This will generate a report containing a row for every appointment you've booked on StyleSeat with the following details:

    • Appointment information - (Client Name, Service, Date/Time, Price)
    • Check out Details - (Product Cost, Tax Amount, Tip Amount)
    • Payment Method - (Cash, Credit, Check, Gift Certificate)
    • Payment Processing Details - (Total Charged, Fees, Net Earnings)

This report will be in .CSV format that you can open with the spreadsheet software of your choice (Depending on the length of time you need or the number of transactions you may have to segment into 3-4 month increments.)



Gift Cards


What You’ll See

  • Breakdown of all the digital gift cards purchased by your client's including:
    • Full name
    • Purchase date
    • Confirmation code
    • Client note
    • Amount
    • Option to leave your own notes in the details section 





What You'll See

Analyze your business growth with our handy reporting charts and tools that tie every interaction to revenue. Here you'll see a breakdown of:

  • Current YTD revenue
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue with both your actual and projected earnings
  • Client overview data that shows your percentage of new vs returning clients
  • Booking and scheduling overview of your most popular services 

If you have any questions, you can Submit a Support Ticket through our Help Center. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to click or tap Need help? to get started.