Promoting your business on social media and directly with clients is a great way to get booked.

We connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also give you a custom vanity URL so you can give your clients an easy-to-remember link to your profile.

Add your StyleSeat URL to your Instagram bio: 

To edit your Instagram bio, open the Instagram app and tap "Edit Your Profile" in the top right corner of the screen. Add your booking link ( in the Website section and then tap "Submit". Check out this article on getting your Instagram account converted to a business account: Insta Business Account.

Tell your clients about your StyleSeat profile page during your appointments with them:

It’s easy to dive right into the consultation or forget to mention online booking before your client leaves. Try and make it a habit to let them know that they can pre-book their next appointment using StyleSeat, or, that they can go directly to your StyleSeat profile to book when they’re ready.

Find your StyleSeat booking page URL!

  • Your StyleSeat booking page lets clients book you online. Click the "My Profile" Icon next to your profile photo or "Online Booking & Profile"
  • Mention your StyleSeat profile in your voicemail message!
  • Let your clients know they can book their appointment online and mention your profile’s web address so they know where to go. For example “Hello, you’ve reached  <your business name> you can book an appointment instantly online by going to, or you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”
  • Print the URL of your StyleSeat profile on your business cards
  • Already have business cards? Write your StyleSeat booking link on them! Need to get cards printed? Moo makes lovely, competitively priced and colorful business cards.