Promoting your business on social media and directly with clients is a great way to get booked. We connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also give you a custom vanity URL so you can give your clients an easy to remember link to your profile.

Add your StyleSeat URL to your Instagram bio: 

To edit your Instagram bio, open the Instagram app and tap "Edit Your Profile" in the top right corner of the screen. Add your booking link ( in the Website section and then tap "Submit". Check out this article on getting your Instagram account converted to a business account: Insta Business Account.

Tell your clients about your StyleSeat profile page during your appointments with them:

It’s easy to dive right into the consultation or forget to mention online booking before your client leaves. Try and make it a habit to let them know that they can pre-book their next appointment using StyleSeat, or, that they can go directly to your StyleSeat profile to book when they’re ready.

Find your StyleSeat booking page URL!

Your StyleSeat booking page lets clients book you online. Click the "My Profile" Icon next to your profile photo or "Online Booking & Profile"

Mention your StyleSeat profile in your voicemail message!

Let your clients know they can book their appointment online and mention your profile’s web address so they know where to go. For example “Hello, you’ve reached  <your business name> you can book an appointment instantly online by going to, or you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

Print the URL of your StyleSeat profile on your business cards

Already have business cards? Write your StyleSeat booking link on them! Need to get cards printed? Moo makes lovely, competitively priced and colorful business cards.