Your clients paid you through StyleSeat, now see where your hard-earned cash is directly from the app! We process deposits around 4 pm PST M-F. Here’s where to view them:

View Your Deposits

  • Open your app and either 1. Click the “More Tab” and select 2. “Deposits” OR 2. Click the ‘Growth’ tab



  • Either will open to a page with a tab for ‘Deposits’



  • Once you’re in your ‘Deposits’ tab, you’ll see at the top your current balance; this number is what will be included in your next deposit
  • Below that, you’ll see your most recent transfers and if you pick a date range, you can view funds you’ve received in that timeframe. The “Recent” dropdown will show the last 30 deposits you’ve received


When a deposit is on its way to your bank, your “Current Balance” will reset to $0 and the deposit will move into a “Pending” state. If you select a specific deposit from your list, it will show you all of the transactions that make up that deposit as well as a breakdown of what fees were taken out.

We also offer Instant Deposits which do just that - instantly deposit your money to your debit card!

If you have any questions, you can Submit a Support Ticket through our Help Center. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to click or tap Need help? to get started.