We want you to get paid! We offer a couple different payment methods (Next Day or Instant) but whatever you choose, you'll need to add some info to get your money. For Next Day, all we need is your checking account; for Instant you'll need to add a debit card. 

To add your checking account to receive Next Day deposits:

  • Select "More" 
  • Select "Payments and No-Show Protection" (You can always remove the credit card requirements once signed up by visiting your Online Booking page.
  • "Set up Payments and No-Show Protection"
  • Set your cancellation policy
  • Click "Sign me up!"
  • Click Add Your Bank Account, enter your bank account information (we need this in order to deposit your earnings)IMG_2075_PNG.png 
  • Verify your Identity and click, "Submit"

NOTE: Please be sure that all information is accurate, to ensure there are no delays in the arrival of your payments!