Clients can definitely pay cash for their appointment and we won't charge their card on file. All you need to do is make sure you check their appointment out as cash within one hour after the end of the appointment (after one hour our automatic payment system will charge their card). 

Here are some instructions: 

If your client wants to pay cash:
- Check them out as "CASH" within one hour of the end of the appointment
- This prevents StyleSeat payments from charging the client's card (If you are set to automatic checkout).

1. Go to "Calendar" and select the appointment you wish to check out.


2. Once in the appointment tap "Payment Method" to change from the credit card on file to a different payment method that does not charge through StyleSeat.

2. Confirm the charge amount, add services or products if necessary, and tap "Checkout"

On this screen, you can record your tip amount if needed, then tap, "Checkout" to record this payment.