ExpressPay is covered by your monthly subscription cost, although there is a fee of 2.75% for each transaction. This fee is the industry standard for merchant processing and covers the credit card processing fees associated with processing your clients’ payments. Unlike some other card processing providers (ahem, Square), StyleSeat does not increase the transaction fee when you manually enter the client's card during checkout. 

You will receive the full cost of your service and any tip, minus the 2.75% fee.  All ExpressPay transactions can be viewed on the Revenue tab inside your account.

For example, here's how this would look for a generic day in a barbershop:

- Appointment #1 - Bald Fade, $20

- Appointment #2 - Light Fade, $18

- Appointment #3 - Beard Trim, $22

The total for this day would be $60 ($20 + $18 + $22), but each appointment transaction will have a $2.75% fee. $60 x 2.75% = $58.35, so the barber would receive a deposit of $58.35 within the next 1-2 business days when using ExpressPay.


NOTE: This fee structure is only applicable to Pros who are on the scheduling plan, not the marketing plan for their subscription.