Did you notice a slight increase for a certain time/date you were looking to book with your professional?


This may be Smart Pricing. This feature fills Pro's "rare" time slots where prices slightly increase. We'll always let you know the total amount including any fees or charges prior to clicking on "Accept and Pay" to confirm your appointment. Most clients don’t mind paying a little extra for these time slots, but if you prefer not to, you can always book for a different time.


These bookings are automatically checked out so if you prefer to pay with another form of payment, you can always let your professional know and they can manage the appointment for you.


Note: For Smart Pricing appointments, a 20% default tip will be applied unless you adjust the amount (or waive the tip altogether) through an SMS link we send 1 hour after the appointment. How To Tip Your Professional.


If you have any other questions, connect with our Support team by selecting Need Help? in our StyleSeat Help Center.