Getting help from our fab team of Support Specialists and Customer Success Managers is now even easier through our StyleSeat Help Center. If you cannot find a solution in our Knowledge base, just tap or click the StyleSeat Icon at the bottom of your screen to access our portal. It's an amazing tool that will direct your inquiry for a faster, more seamless resolution.

Here's some advice to make the best use of our Help Center:

  • Provide the email associated with your Professional or Client account; doing so will help us find your account faster, let us troubleshoot quicker, and give you an answer in a timely manner
  • Be sure to enter a Subject and provide as much detail as possible in the Description
  • As an example for the Description, if you're asking about a specific appointment, let us know the date and time of the appointment, the name of your professional or your client, appointment cost (if relevant), and any other information that will help guide us
  • You can also include screenshots or a video to help show us what you're experiencing; please note that you should not include screenshots or videos that contain any private information like account or credit card numbers; that's handled securely through the app and no one at StyleSeat will ask for full account information
  • Last but not least, when choosing Professional or Client, you'll be taken through options that start broadly then hone into the specific issue you are experiencing; following this path will help us assist you by properly directing the inquiry to the right team and getting us info that will help answer your question
  • If you have multiple questions, select the most urgent and we'll prioritize answering that first
  • If you don't find your exact issue, choose what's closest and we'll continue to help

We appreciate you being a part of our community and would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.