Managing Client Reviews

Article Summary: Learn how to manage the reviews clients leave, including: how to share reviews online, highlight and pin reviews to your profile, and delete reviews.

How Do Clients Leave Reviews?

Clients can leave reviews in one of the following ways:

  • By clicking a link in the review email they receive after the appointment is completed
  • From their client account under the My Appointments tab
  • By clicking the review link in the SMS we send after the appointment.

To protect you from dishonest reviews, clients will only have the opportunity to leave a review after they've had an appointment with you that was checked out on StyleSeat.

Details to remember:

  1. A client can only leave one review per appointment.
  2. Clients cannot delete a review, but they can edit an existing one within 30 days of the appointment.
  3. Appointments booked from a client account will have the option to leave only a star rating or include a written review as well.
  4. Guest-booked appointments are only eligible for a star rating, not a written review.

Pin a Review

Pin your best client review to the top of your booking page by tapping the pin button next to any review. This will add your favorite review to the top of your profile just underneath the About Me section, allowing clients to see your glowing feedback as soon as they land on your page.

Share a Review on your Instagram

Did you receive a brag-worthy 5-star review and want to share it with your social following? Sharing your review on social media is a great way to promote your brand. With our custom review assets, we made it easy for you to post to your IG feed in just a few clicks.

What comes with your custom social review asset:

  1. A stylish graphic promoting your 5-star rating 
  2. Quote directly from your client on their excellent experience 
  3. Service related to the review
  4. Call-to-action to drive clients to visit your StyleSeat profile to book an appointment
  5. Your custom StyleSeat URL link

To post a client review directly to your Instagram, go to the Marketing tab and select Post To Instagram. Highlight your most recent 5-star review. 

NOTE: You will need to connect your Instagram (business account) to share reviews directly to your social profile.

Why Isn’t the Instagram Review Asset Available in My Marketing Hub?

If you are unable to see the option to share your review on your IG, it’s likely because you have not filled out enough information on your StyleSeat profile.

To view the IG review asset, you must have:

  1. 4 gallery photos 
  2. Business address
  3. Mailing address
  4. Services listed
  5. Availability listed
  6. Bank account connected (Basic Plan pros only)

How to Respond to a Review

  1. From your profile page click Reviews
  2. Under the review, click Respond
  3. From there you can enter your response and click Post

Managing Reviews

In general, unless the review violates a standard or guideline listed below, StyleSeat publishes all client reviews. If you request to remove a review, StyleSeat will look into the review, but will only remove reviews if one of the following applies:

  • Offensive, harassing, abusive, lewd language, or any statements that could be perceived as hate speech
  • Content that is or could be perceived as fake
  • Content that violates any third-party right, including, but not limited to the right of privacy, right of publicity, copyright, trademark, or any other third-party intellectual property or proprietary right
  • References to personal information or messages, such as email addresses or phone numbers
  • Any commercial content, including spam, surveys, content, or other advertising material; or advertising another professional/salon
  • Content that doesn’t directly relate to the professional or salon being reviewed
  • Content that attempts to extract money from another individual

StyleSeat is unable to remove a review on the basis of it simply being unflattering to your business or service. We recommend responding to the review to explain to the client your experience. This way, other clients who may see the unflattering review will see your response and determine if they would like to move forward with booking you.

StyleSeat Review Policy

  • StyleSeat does not remove bad reviews simply because a Professional requests or demands for it to be removed; or threatens to cancel their subscription if the review is not deleted;
  • StyleSeat does not write, review, or commission fake reviews or testimonials; 
  • StyleSeat does not edit the text in the reviews by rewriting, removing words, or adding words
  • StyleSeat does not “punish” clients (e.g., by removing or suspending a client account) for leaving negative reviews of services booked on StyleSeat (note that StyleSeat reserves the right to remove or suspend client accounts in the event of a violation of its Terms of Service, or violation of these guidelines)
  • StyleSeat does not offer clients anything in exchange for writing a review of any services they’ve received. Here are examples of practices StyleSeat does not engage in:
    • StyleSeat does not provide coupons or other monetary benefits to clients that write reviews in exchange for writing such review
    • StyleSeat does not require clients to leave reviews of their services as a condition of joining StyleSeat, booking, or receiving services on the StyleSeat platform. 

Other need to knows: 

  • StyleSeat may reach out to the client to edit their review to remove any language that may violate this policy.
  • StyleSeat may delete the text portion of a review but leave the star rating intact.
  • StyleSeat may remove reviews that are reasonably believed to be based on an appointment never booked or services not actually rendered.
  • StyleSeat may remove reviews reasonably believed to be written by the professional, a family member of the professional, or a current or former co-worker of the professional.

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