How to set up a client account.


  • Creating a StyleSeat account provides the convenience of having all of your appointment information in one place. 

  • You will be able to easily rebook with your go-to professional and search for new professionals. 

  • With an account, you are also able to manage your payment options which will make paying after appointments quick and easy. 

  • While guest booking is an option, having a StyleSeat profile allows ease of access to managing all the details for your bookings

1. Go to our website or download and open the StyleSeat App

2. Tap Menu button 

3. Select Sign Up

4. Tap Sign Up As A Client 

5. Enter your Full Name along with your Email Address and desired Password. Then Tap Create My Account and you're one step closer to booking with your next Pro!

NOTE: You can also sign up with Facebook or with Apple