How To Improve Your Ranking In Search

Article Summary: Helpful tips and tricks to appear higher in our search directory and get more bookings!

Once you get all the required pieces of your profile completed, you’ll be ready for clients to find through our In-App Search! But we’re sure you don’t just want to be in the results; you want to be at the top! While there are some variables that you can’t directly control, like how close you are to a potential client, there are some that you can. 

Here are some things you can do that will be helpful for improving your search ranking, as well as general tips that can help no matter where you show up on the list!

How To Improve Your Search Ranking

There are a number of factors that play into where you’ll show up in search. Some of these factors are affected by the way you use your profile. Here are some of the actions that can help to increase where you’ll show up in search:

  • Keep getting positive reviews
  • Complete appointments with new clients from New Client Connection
  • Check out appointments through StyleSeat Payments
  • Add service descriptions
  • Location in relation to the client searching
  • Add more photos of your past work
  • Tag your photos

Tips For Getting Noticed In Search

Tagging Photos To Your Services

Tagging your photos to the services they show lets us make sure that when a client looks for one of your services, they see exactly what they can expect once they book as quickly as possible

Include Detailed Service Descriptions

Adding a clear and detailed description of your services can help give clients piece of mind that the service they are booking is exactly what they are looking for. This can be especially with new clients who are less familiar with the names of a service they may not have booked before

Fill In Your About Me

There are a lot of Pros on the platform, and possibly even a lot in the same area, that will provide the same or similar services. So one of the best things that can help you stand out, is you! Telling clients a bit about you can help set you apart and make the connection that might get a client in the door.

Pin Some Photos

Just like Tagging the right service to a photo can help us get those photos in front of clients looking for that service, Pinning a few of your photos lets you choose what clients first see in your gallery. Doing a special seasonal service, or trying to focus on a specific service you enjoy? Pinning those photos can be a great way to make sure that's the first thing a client sees when they get to your page

Want to learn more about how to get in front of more clients?

Click HERE to watch our video on how to show up higher in search results.

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