Showing up in StyleSeat search for potential clients to find you does require your StyleSeat profile be completely filled out. From there, we have some suggestions to help you improve your ranking.

Click HERE to watch our video on how to show up higher in search results.

Here are some great tips on increasing your rank in our directory so you can get in front of more clients:

1) Activate online booking

Make sure you have online booking turned on! Clients use StyleSeat to find professionals they can book online so we'll always promote professionals who have online booking turned on over those that don't. You can turn this feature on by going to your profile page and selecting,"Online Booking & Profile", click, "Online Booking", from here, you have the ability to toggle on or off your online booking.  Don't forget to click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner after you have made your selections.

2) Add your appointments to your StyleSeat calendar

When you or a client book an appointment through StyleSeat, that actually gives you a slight boost within our directory. That's because we want to make sure that we're only sending clients to active professionals. If you have some upcoming appointments you haven't added to your StyleSeat Calendar yet, be sure to add those in to get a quick boost.

3) Encourage your clients to book with you online!

While booking appointments by hand can definitely do the job, appointments booked by your clients through your profile actually count for more and give you a larger boost within our system. If a client wants to book with you, be sure to encourage them to visit your StyleSeat profile ( and book their appointment online. 

4) Build your number of reviews

Your reviews also impact your StyleSeat rank: the more you have, the higher you'll appear! We help you by sending your clients a link to leave a rating and written review after their appointment. That's another reason to make sure you add all of your appointments to the StyleSeat Schedule - not only will you get a boost for adding the appointments, you'll also start generating more reviews.

If your client does not have an email address stored in your client list, the review notification will be sent as a text message notification.

5) Apply for ExpressPay

It's quick, convenient and easy to use! For those reasons, we give a boost to professionals enrolled in our Express Pay feature. To learn more about Express Pay and apply, click here

6) Add at least 4 gallery photos

To upload a photo you'll want to log in to your account, simply click on the background photo, this will take you to your profile view, select the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of your background photo. You will now be prompted to select which method you wish to import your photos.

Click HERE for tips on taking great photos!

7) Add a Profile Photo 

To add a profile photo simply click on the red circle with the "+" symbol, 

You will now be prompted to select which method you wish to import your photos.

8) A service menu and prices

To add services or update your service menu from a computer, just go to EDIT SERVICES.

To add/edit services from the mobile app, select, "Front Desk", then "Services". Click on the plus sign icon to add new services. Click on the pencil icon to make edits to existing services.

*Be sure to click “Save Service” once finished.

There are a few variables that can help bump up your profile into the top search results when potential clients are searching for your services and location. The order of appearance in search results is dependent upon the relevance of keywords between the searched item, and the pages being searched. For example, if your StyleSeat profile lists you as a hairstylist in San Francisco, CA, and you offer a haircut as one of your services, someone who types in “haircut, San Francisco, CA” will receive your profile in their search results, though not necessarily on the first page.

Proper service titles, reviews, location/contact information, and profile/gallery photos are super important because they help to boost your search ranking. 

Make sure you use the correct words and simple descriptions when defining your profession and services. These provide the keywords that will help your page show up in search results. A client won’t typically search “Fabulosity Fierce French Manicure”, But they will search “Manicure” or “French Manicure”.      

9) Add your availability 

To set your availability, click on, "Front Desk" then "Availability". Don't forget to click, "Save" after you have selected your edits/updates.

10) An About Me

To add your About Me, click on, "Online Booking & Profile" then "Personal Info", tap into the "about me box and add your info.  Don't forget to click "Save" after you have made your edits in the upper right-hand corner.