Your StyleSeat account is full service - use it to book and be booked! To book with another Pro:

From a desktop:

1. Click your image in the upper right-hand corner

2. Click Directory to access the client-side of your account

From there you can search for professionals and book appointments.

From the mobile app:

1. Tap Menu in the bottom right-hand corner

2. Tap Directory 

You can use the links on the bottom of the screen to navigate your client account. You can also tap "More" to see other options:


1. My Business will take you back to your business home tab.

2. Home will take you back to the previous page.

3. Search will take you to the StyleSeat search directory where you can search and book services.

4. My appointments will let you view, edit, review your appointments as a client.

5. My Account is where you can update contact info, payment method, default tip amount, and log out of your account.