We don't have a way to merge multiple pros into a single schedule, but we do have something we call an "Admin Account" that allows you to cycle through multiple calendars with a single login. It's a tool for your salon to use to keep track of all your pros' schedules.

Each professional that would like to be affiliated with a single salon must still create their own StyleSeat profile, but you or your receptionist can log into the salon's Admin Account and see each pro's calendar without having to log into their account. 

How it works:

- Each professional creates their own StyleSeat profile

- You or the receptionist can log into the Admin Account and view and edit multiple pros' schedules without logging in to their accounts.

If you want this:

We will create a universal login for the Admin Account so your team can all use it. (salon email, receptionist's email, etc). The main email address cannot be currently linked to any other StyleSeat account so you'll need to have a totally unique email address for the Admin Account. 

To create this for you, we will that unique email address to create the Admin Account - this will be the email address you use to log in for the Admin Account (this could be a salon email, receptionist's email, etc). 

Once you get your chosen email address squared away, please contact us through our StyleSeat Help Center.

After the Admin account has been completed:

To add employees or partners to your account, have them contact us through our StyleSeat Help Center at the Get Help button and say "I request to be added to the (insert admin account email here) admin account" and we will add them. We do this to make sure everyone that will be on this account has granted permission for others to view their profile.