To show up in search on StyleSeat, you'll need to make sure all elements of your profile are complete: photos (profile and gallery), About Me, a minimum of 5 services, adding your calendar availability, and your location/contact info. Below are instructions on how to get your profile all up and running: 

Upload a Profile Photo
1. Go to "More" > "My Profile"
2. Tap on the blue "+" icon to upload a photo


Upload Gallery Photos (minimum 4)
1. Go to "More" > "My Profile"
2. Tap on the blue "+" icon to upload photos


Create Your Services (minimum 5)
1. Go to "More" > "Front Desk" > "Setup Prices & Services"
2. Select your services and set their pice & duration
3. Review your selected services and tap "Save" when satisfied

Set Your Availability
1. Go to "More" > "Front Desk" > "Manage Availability" > "Manage Ongoing Availability"
2. Fill out your hours of operation and any required breaks
3. When satisfied, tap "Save" to finish


Add Contact and Location information
1. Go to "More" > "Online Booking & Profile" > "Business Info"
2. Fill out your business name & contact number
3. Add your address, or toggle "Mobile Business" and add a ZIP code
4. Tap "Save" when satisfied with your Business Info


Fill Out Your "About Me"
1. Go to "More" > "Online Booking & Profile" > "Personal Info"
2. Tell your clients a little bit about yourself or your services
3. When finished, tap "Save" to complete your changes

Our directory search works with a specific algorithm that takes various elements into account, such as your client's location, the city they search for, and what keywords are entered. You will come up first sometimes, but other profiles might be closer to the search criteria that the client entered. The more you promote your page, book appointment in your calendar, upload photos and get Facebook likes, photo hearts, and recommendations, the more chances you have of surfacing first in search!