Important Computer Safety Notice - Common Scams To Watch Out For

Article summary: Learn some common safety best practices to keep yourself and your business safe

When owning a small business, you spend a lot of time and effort ensuring everything runs efficiently. With that, there is always the possibility a scammer will try reaching out, which can hurt your reputation. With the correct practices in mind, you can catch the fraudsters before they even have a chance to exploit you, saving time and money. This article will walk you through detailed information regarding common scams and fraud found in the beauty industry.

Phishing Scams

You may receive a phone call/ email or another contact method falsely claiming to be from StyleSeat that may ask you to log into your account to receive a special offer for your subscription or for CC information in order to book false appointments. Phishing scams are emails, calls, or texts falsely claiming to be from genuine companies that usually contain some type of link. These links are malicious and intend to gain access to your account to steal funds. Do not respond, click any links included, or provide any account information if you suspect a possible phishing attempt, and immediately report to

**StyleSeat will never reach out or do cold calling to our beauty professionals. If you ever receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from StyleSeat saying they can help boost your search for a price or anything similar, report it immediately.

Clone Phishing

This type of phishing attack uses previously delivered but legitimate emails that contain either a link or an attachment. Attackers make a copy -- or clone -- of the legitimate email and replace any number of links or attached files with malicious ones. Victims can often be tricked into clicking the malicious link or opening the attachment.

This technique is often used by attackers who have taken control of another victim's system (ATO). In this case, the attackers use their control of one system within an organization to email messages from a trusted sender known to the victims.

Account takeover (ATO)

When a professional StyleSeat account is taken over by a scammer, usually through a phishing scam (an email/text/phone call intended to seem like it's from StyleSeat but contains a malicious link). NEVER click these links; these are fraudsters trying to gain access to your StyleSeat account. It is important to note that your personal information (SSN, bank account number, etc.) will not be compromised as StyleSeat encrypts this information to protect our users through our payments provider (

"LIMO" Scams

You may receive spam messages through StyleSeat's messenger feature for unrealistic services. They may offer to pay more than the cost of the service or want to write out a large check. These should be red flags and reported right away. Always be diligent when something is "too good to be true" because it usually is. This type of scam is typically known as the "LIMO SCAM," and the cards being used are fraudulent. If they try to pay you with a check, it is likely that will not happen, or the check will be bad/stolen. Please discontinue any further communication with these individuals. We do our best to keep fraudulent clients off the platform. However, if you feel that something is not right let us know right away.

Example messages:

"I would like to know if you do nails? I have 20 girls going for a choreographer video shoot. Can you handle that for me?"

"Do you accept checks? We would issue that right away so that you can book the appointment for us, or we can pay 50% upfront."

Avoiding Scams: Best Practices
  • Always be cautious with links, and make sure the domain name always ends with "" If it looks different, like "," do not click on it. (The message uses subdomains, misspelled URLs (typosquatting), or otherwise suspicious URLs)
  • Be cautious if the message is written to invoke fear or a sense of urgency.
  • Avoid responding to messages that include a request to verify personal information, such as financial details or a password.
  • Watch out for poorly written messages, and grammatical errors.
  • Report any messages in the app for spam or fraud right away
  • If a message does not feel right, feel free to email and the team will be able to verify its legitimacy
  • Be cautious of clients reaching out wanting to pay for high dollar services in advance (wanting to pay via wire transfer services like Western Union or MoneyGram, or a gift card. And never deposit a check and send money back to someone)
  • Block any phone number or email address associated 
  • Never give your personal or financial information in response to a request that you didn't expect. We will never call, email, or text to ask for your personal information, like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers
  • During tax season, we partner with Stripe to send out your 1099 tax information if you qualify.

Always remember, StyleSeat will never call, text, or email you asking for you to provide your personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords. It is important to also pay attention to the notifications you receive when a critical account change takes place, such as bank account, password, email, etc., and notify us immediately at if you DID NOT make these changes. Our number one priority is to keep our professionals happy, and a big part of that is helping you and your business to be safe.

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