We don’t just help you run your business, we help you grow it

Earn more money, get exposure to millions of clients, and keep your regulars coming back for zero monthly subscription cost. Our mission is to help top-talent beauty, barber, and wellness professionals grow their business. With our new Marketing plan, you will gain access to our growth tools to take your business to the next level! 

 Everything we build is designed to help you succeed. Find out how our Marketing plan option can make that happen!

How Does Pricing Work?

  • Free business listing - $0 monthly subscription  - List your business and get exposure to the millions of clients who search on StyleSeat. Build your brand, showcase your work, and start getting profile views at no cost.
  •  $0 credit card fees - Charge clients seamlessly through the app with a hands-free checkout experience. Get your money instantly, directly to your bank account. No unreliable swipers, no confusing credit card fees.
  •  3% on regular booking - Simple, straightforward pricing. You only pay when you’re getting booked and business is growing.
  •  25% on bookings where StyleSeat helps you grow - This pricing structure allows you to pay as you grow. When we send you a new client, help you earn more money, or fill your schedule, we’ll keep 25% and invest it back into growing your business. 


How Do Payments Work?

Our payment system is powered by Stripe, an industry leader in security. And unlike our competitors, we allow you to process payments with $0 credit card fees. 

  • When you sign up, you’ll need to link your bank account to start collecting payments and activate your business growth tools. 
  • You won’t be charged until your first booking. 
  • When clients book you online, they’ll add a credit card to secure their appointment. 
  • When the appointment is over, they’ll be charged automatically through the app with our hands-free checkout system which is very popular with clients. In fact, when they receive a personalized text message that allows them to leave a custom tip, clients tip an average of 40% more. 
  • If you need to add product sales or update the service they booked before checkout, you can edit the appointment in the appointment details. 
  • Your money will be deposited directly to your bank the following business day or you can choose to get paid instantly through Instant Deposits.
  • You can track your payments and extra earnings through the deposits tab
  • Analyze your business growth with Revenue Reporting. With our latest reporting tool, you can view your past earnings by day, week, month, and year to see how your business is performing over time. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns.

Benefit from our growth tools and track your progress

Our team has done extensive research and testing to understand the most effective way to grow a high-value, dedicated client list while increasing your revenue. In order to benefit from our growth tools and track your progress, you’ll be required to charge clients in a consistent and measurable way, which means charging them through the app. 

Allowing appointments to check out automatically through the app means there’s no need for clients to have to discuss money or pull out their wallet and many clients prefer the touch-free experience. Clients who pay through StyleSeat tend to tip 40% more on average.  

How We Help You Grow

Everything we build is designed with the mission of helping our top-talent beauty, barber, and wellness professionals grow their business. Our growth tools are customized to fit your business and are constantly adjusting to make sure you are getting the maximum value out of them. 

Here are a few ways we help you grow today: 

  • We give you exposure to the millions of clients who search for beauty professionals on StyleSeat. We run ads and promote your profile across search engines, social media, and email campaigns to get you discovered. And, with our virtual tools, you can offer video services to clients across the country allowing you to connect with more clients than ever before. Learn more 
  • We help you earn more for your high-demand time-slots. We use data science to analyze your business, identify your most popular booking times and raise the prices slightly to match their true value without turning clients away. Learn more
  • We help you keep your schedule full. When you have last-minute cancellations, we’ll reach out to clients who are most likely to want those spots and give them early access to new openings. You’ll also be able to collect payments from clients who cancel late or don’t show up. Learn more
  • We give clients an amazing experience and more ways to book the time they really want so they never have an excuse to look somewhere else. For example, clients can pay a premium price for special requests. And, with personalized appointment reminders and newsletters, you’ll continue to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert with your regulars. Learn more


Can I turn off the features I don’t want?

All of our features are designed to work together in a way that gives clients the best experience possible while growing your business. If you tell us a little more about where you’re running into trouble with this feature, we’d be happy to give you tips on how to get the most value out of them and we can even give you some examples of how top professionals on our platform use them.


If you have any questions, you can Submit a Support Ticket through our Help Center. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to click or tap Need help? to get started.