How To Manage My Subscription

Article Summary: How to change your subscription plan, update subscription billing details, and cancel your subscription.

We do our best to make sure it's always as simple and easy as possible to check or edit your StyleSeat profile’s subscription. But in case you’ve got any questions, below we’ll give a basic overview of where you can go to manage your subscription and billing details.

Plan and Billing Details

The Plan and Billing Details page of your profile is going to be your go-to place to check and manage your subscription. From there you can review your current selected plan (with a breakdown of the costs and other basics of how that plan works), check your billing date for your subscription (Premium Plan only), change your plan, and much more!

  • Click “Menu” on the bottom right of your screen

  • Scroll to the “Other” section at the bottom of the Menu screen

  • Click “Plan and Billing Details” at the top of the Other section

Changing Your Plan

If you want to change which of our two plans that you use, you can do so at any time right from this page by following these steps:

  • Click the “Switch to Basic/Premium Plan” below the information on your current plan

  • On the pop-up window, click the circle in the top right of the box for the Plan you want to use

  • Once you have the Plan you want selected, click the black “Update Plan” button at the bottom of the screen

NOTE: If you are swapping from the Premium Plan to the Basic Plan, you will be required to link a bank account for us to send you payouts. If you are swapping from the Basic Plan to the Premium Plan, you’ll need to add a card on file for your monthly subscription.

Changing Your Billing Details 

If you would like to change the card your subscription is billed to, you can do so with the Edit option on the right of the Billing Details section.

If you would like to change the day that your subscription is charged, you'll need to cancel your current subscription, then re-subscribe on the chosen billing date. The subscription charge will occur each month on the day that it was started. If you change to the Basic Plan, and then back to the Premium Plan on your desired day, the new subscription date will be when you change back.


  • Keep in mind that due to the differences in how the two plans work, there may be some changes to how you will need to use StyleSeat until you swap back

  • Refunds are not provided for partial subscription periods if the plan is changed part way through

  • There is a 24-hour buffer period between when the Premium Plan is selected and when the subscription officially starts, in order to prevent charges in case of an accidental switch. Keep this in mind when attempting to change your billing date

Canceling your Subscription

If you would like to cancel a Premium Plan subscription but still stay on StyleSeat, you can swap to the Basic Plan which has no monthly subscription cost. 

You can cancel your full subscription here

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