If you need to book two appointments at once, like a cut while another client is processing, you can use our Power Booking feature so you can make the most of your time and get those clients handled.


To use this feature:

  • Tap "More"
  • Tap "Front Desk
  • Tap "Services"
  • Choose the service you would double book during the processing time
  • Toggle on “Power Booking"

Options you will see:


  • This is the time it takes for the current service ONLY
  • Add in the processing, finishing, and clean up times after
  • As an example, if your service is “color” you would set the "Initial" time to 60 min (initial time spent applying foil to a client)


  • Extra time during initial service to add a second client or service while the first client is processing


  • The time it takes to finish your client's service (i.e. taking foils out, blow-dry)


  • The time you set aside to clean up in preparation for your next client




When ready, tap "Save" and Power Booking will be enabled on this service.