How Do I Manage My Availability and Vacation Time?

Article Summary: Learn how to update your hours and block off vacation time

We know how important it is for your calendar to be up-to-date and customizable based on your schedule. You can set your vacations and your availability via your account on StyleSeat.

Here are instructions on how to get your calendar all set up and ready to go: 

Adjust Upcoming Hours

To make a one-time adjustment to your upcoming availability. You can quickly change availability for a day or two at a time using the Adjust Upcoming Hours setting.

1. Go to Menu > Front Desk

2. Select Adjust Upcoming Hours

3. Go to the date that needs to be adjusted and update the time.

4. Toggle days on or off to open or close availability, respectively, or customize hours by day.

Manage Vacation Time

This setting is for if you need to block off multiple days all at once, use our advanced scheduler tool to carve that time out on your calendar.

1. Go to Menu > Front Desk

2. Tap Manage Vacation Time to block off time on your calendar.

3. Tap Add New Vacation.

4. Select the dates and times to block off. Once you're finished, tap SAVE in the top right-hand corner

Limit How Far in Advance Clients Can Book Your Services

This feature will allow you to limit how far in advance clients can book. By default, clients can book any time in the future, but you can limit bookings to the next 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

1. Go to Menu > Online Booking & Profile

2. Select Online Booking

3. Use the dropdown menu to customize how far out clients can book appointments, then tap Save

This feature is exclusive to the Premium Plan. Upgrade today for greater control of your calendar.

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