Instant Payouts

Article Summary: Need your funds ASAP? StyleSeat offers a feature called Instant Deposit. This gets your hard-earned cash sent directly to your bank account. This works anytime day or night, on weekends, and on holidays! You can deposit between $50.50-$1000 once per day. 

To activate Instant Deposits, you first need to be signed up for our payments feature and be approved for next-day payments.

After you complete those steps, you’ll be able to deposit your money in a matter of minutes depending on your bank for a small 1% fee.

If you choose not to use Instant Deposits, we'll automatically send your funds to your bank account at 3:30 pm PST as usual according to the standard deposit schedule.


  • Set up payments and be approved for next-day payments
  • Minimum of $50.50 to deposit
  • Must not have changed bank account in the last 24 hours
  • Have not issued another Instant Payout in the last 24 hours - one Instant Payout per day
  • Completed at least 3 of the following profile setup actions:

        - Have at least 3 services added to your service menu

        - Have an address

        - Have defined work periods

        - Have at least 3 gallery images

  • Be in good standing with our payments processing

    • You will not be eligible for Instant Deposits if you've had a dispute in the last 30 days (regardless of the outcome of that dispute)

To set up an Instant Payouts once you have $50.50 or more in funds eligible for payout:

  1. Click Earnings 
  2. Click Payouts
  3. Click Instant Payout 

NOTE: Once you add or update your bank account for instant payouts, there is a 24-hour hold before you will be able to initiate an instant payout. 

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Why is the instant payout button greyed out?

There are several reasons that may temporarily prevent instant payouts, if any of the following are true instant payouts may be temporarily unavailable.

  • Recently issued refund 
  • Recently had a withdrawal due to a refund or a Stripe loan
  • The bank account was updated or edited within the last 24-hours
  • If it is after 3pm, the funds may already be in transit to your bank account via standard payout

Why are all of my funds not available for instant payout?

If a refund has been processed recently, Stripe may withhold the amount to make sure that it can collect back the funds for the refund. 

Why can't I set up instant payouts?

Instant payouts are not available until after you have received your first payout. If you are not yet approved for next-day payouts, instant payouts will not be available. You can contact StyleSeat Customer Service to request approval.

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