Credit Card Declined At Checkout

Article Summary: How to handle client credit card declines.

Client is still present: 

You can change the clients card to a different card

  1. From the appointment details screen, click edit next to payment.
  2. Click update next to the card number.
  3. From here you can enter a new card number.
  4. Click Save.

Client left appointment: 

  • When a client's card declines, we attempt the payment automatically several times. If the payment continues to decline, we alert the client to add a working card to their account or add funds to the card on file. Once updated, we can complete the charge and pay you for the appointment. This is all dependent on the client taking action.
  • If we're unable to successfully complete this charge, our best suggestion would be to contact your client to collect payment from them directly or, if you are unable to collect payment from them you can block them from booking again.

Credit Card Declines on Card Authorization at Booking

Your client is subject to an authorization at the time of booking to confirm the card is active and funded to avoid credit card declines at checkout. This

When a client’s card declines when we attempt to authorize their card on file, the appointment will be red on your calendar. Best practice is to be prepared prior to providing the service and make sure you communicate with your client an alternative payment.

Blocking the Client

If you aren’t able to reach the client, you have the option to block this client from booking with you in the future.

To block a client:

  1. Open the StyleSeat app (make sure that you have the latest version installed)
  2. Navigate to the Clients tab on the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on the name of the client that you’d like to block. You’ll be taken to that client’s notes.
  4. Click on the Edit button on the top right.
  5. Click on the red Block Client button.

NOTE: Once that client has been blocked, they’ll see no availability on your schedule when they try to book an appointment with you. If you wish to unblock this client, simply follow the same instructions above, and you’ll see an Unblock Client button.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Does StyleSeat provide compensation for declined charges?

  • StyleSeat does not compensate for any loss incurred due to card declines. While we cannot guarantee that a declined payment will not affect your business, we have set up the following measure to try to minimize the risk. 
  • Some clients will be fully authorized for the total amount of the service the day prior to their appointment. If there are insufficient funds in the account that the client has used to book the appointment, their appointment will display in red on your calendar. This is an indication that the current payment on file does not have sufficient funds to cover the appointment.
  • On the day of the appointment, all client-booked appointments will have a $1 temporary authorization charge to verify the payment on file.

How can I know if the client's card on file is declined? 

If your client's card failed the pre-authorization, the appointment will be displayed in red and will say declined in the appointment details screen. 

Is there a way to require client's to pay a deposit to protect against declines?

Right now we aren't set up to offer service deposits, however some professionals use one of the following options to require payment upfront for an appointment to protect against potential declines. Here are the options: 

  • You can create a service called "Deposit" that a client can book for the next available time-slot. However, they will need to create another appointment to receive their services and you will need to make sure you deduct the deposit amount from the total service amount
  • You can easily collect prepayments from clients by sending a Payment Request in advance.
    • When you tap Payment Request in the appointment details, clients will get a text message with a link that allows them to pay in advance from their phone.
    • Clients also have the option to prepay for an appointment under their My Appointments tab in their personal account. There is a Prepay button next to the appointment details which directs them to pay in advance for your services. For more information on click here.

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