If your client’s card has been declined, the transaction is unable to be completed. When a card declines, we attempt the payment automatically several times. If the payment continues to decline, we alert the client to add a working card to their account or add funds to the card on file.

Once updated, we can complete checkout and pay you for the appointment. This is all dependent on the client taking action.

If we’re unable to successfully complete this charge, our best suggestion would be to contact your client to collect payment directly.

Client Credit Card Declined for No-Show, Late Cancellation Fee

If your client’s card declined when you attempted the No Show/Late Cancellation fee, that means your client passed the $1 authorization charge we issue in order to verify the card is valid but unfortunately did not have enough money on their card to cover the full amount of the fee.

Depending on your relationship with the client, you may:

  • Reach out to the client directly and let them know the fee was declined;
  • Explain the situation and collect the fee from them directly; or
  • Ask the client to book another appointment for the same service to allow it to go through our payments.

NOTE: No-show and late cancellation fees are applied only for appointments booked by the client. Appointments booked by a professional will waive the fee should a client cancel late or not make their appointment. We need an implicit agreement between professional and client to enforce a no-show, late cancellation fee. This agreement is made when clients themselves book an appointment with a professional.

No Resolution Made - Blocking the Client

If you aren’t able to reach the client, you have the option to block this client from booking with you in the future.

To block a client:

  • Open the StyleSeat app (make sure that you have the latest version installed)
  • Navigate to the “Clients” tab on the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the name of the client that you’d like to block. You’ll be taken to that client’s notes.
  • Click on the “Edit” button on the top right.
  • Click on the red “Block Client” button.

Once that client has been blocked, they’ll see no availability on your schedule when they try to book an appointment with you. If you wish to unblock this client, simply follow the same instructions above, and you’ll see an “Unblock Client” button instead of the “Block Client” button.