How Does Smart Pricing Work?

Article Summary: Learn how Smart Pricing can boost your revenue by raising appointment prices during high-demand periods, what you'll pay for this feature, and how it affects your checkout requirements.

Get paid what your time is really worth with Smart Pricing. Our data science analyzes your business, identifies your most popular time slots, and raises the prices slightly to match their true value. This allows clients who really need your prime booking times to get them more often. Clients who are more flexible can always get one of your regular booking times for your standard price. This all happens automatically so you can make more money and make clients happier without lifting a finger. 


What is Smart Pricing? 

  • When your clients book online, they will see a slight price increase on your most popular time slots. 
  • Our Smart Pricing feature identifies your most popular time slots and raises the prices by 20% (up to $50) to match their true value.
  • You’ll see your extra earnings in a breakdown in the appointment details. 
  • For all Smart Pricing appointments, the card on file will be charged automatically one hour after the appointment ends -- no need for your client to pull out their wallet! 
  • An automatic 20% tip will be included, or your client can add a custom tip from the text message we send them during and after the appointment. 
  • If there is a problem with the card on file, the appointment will appear red on your calendar.
  • You can disable this feature from a specific appointment by clicking the “disable” link inside of the appointment details. This will revert the price to the original amount, and remove all mention of Smart Pricing from the appointment. 

What are the Benefits?

Smart Pricing boosts your revenue by raising appointment prices during high-demand periods, ensuring that clients who value your prime booking times can access them.

You always have the option to remove the smart pricing upcharge from an appointment, inside the appointment's details.

What You'll Pay?

Basic Plan: 15% of the 20% Smart Pricing increase (up-charge amount).

Premium Plan: ⅓ of the Smart Pricing increase (up-charge amount).

This means that the fees only apply to the increased portion of the appointment cost, not the original price.

NOTE: Keeping a small percentage of the price increase allows us to deliver a smooth experience while helping you increase revenue without lifting a finger. It will also help us continue to make improvements while powering new and exciting features that give clients a better experience and help you grow your business.

Basic Plan Example

Things That May Be Different With Your Checkout 

PAYMENT: If you need to update the card or any details about the appointment, make sure to do it before it checks out automatically.

DEPOSITS: Your client’s card will be processed through StyleSeat’s payments processor (Expresspay) so don’t forget to add your bank account information to receive these funds.


Get started with payments today!


We’ve heard from clients that they love the seamless experience of our auto-checkout feature. We’ve actually found that they tip up to 40% more when they pay through StyleSeat. 


Charging these appointments automatically means you can focus on your client’s needs rather than having to talk about payments or swipe their card. You can deposit your money instantly to your bank account for some of the lowest fees in the industry and charging through StyleSeat will help you keep all of your transaction records neatly in one place. 

If Smart Pricing Isn’t the Right Fit, Right Now.

Many professionals already love what Smart Pricing has done for their businesses. Smart Pricing is designed to help you make more money without sacrificing bookings. However, we understand everyone runs their business differently, and our goal is to build the best experience possible. 


If you feel this feature isn’t right for your business at this time, you can turn it off by contacting our Support team. Let our Support team walk you through this feature and go over your business goals. We’ll see what is the best fit for you and provide the specialized care you need.


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