Klarna FAQ

Article Summary: Information on how your clients can pay in installments with Klarna, including: how the feature works in your account, how you receive funds for appointments paid through Klarna, information on tip collection, and other frequently asked questions. 

We’ve partnered with Klarna to bring our customers a new way to pay at checkout. With just four payments and zero interest, Klarna is an easy way for customers to book the service they want, when they want it, with added time and flexibility to pay for it.

Klarna need to knows

  • You still get paid the full amount at checkout
  • Standard cc processing fees apply - you will not be charged additional or higher fees for using Klarna
  • You need to have payments enabled with StyleSeat to allow clients to choose Klarna
  • Payment via Klarna is chosen at booking
  • Client chooses tip amount at booking
  • Klarna approves client for the total cost of appointment including tip
  • Only clients can reschedule and cancel Klarna appointments

How it Works

Shop. Clients can add services they love (the total must be between $40-$1,000)

Select. Client selects Klarna at checkout, enter their details and see if they are instantly approved

Checkout. Purchase will be split into 4 equal payments. The first is due on the day of the appointment at checkout.

Pay. The remaining three payments will be automatically charged to your client's debit or credit card every two weeks

We’re very excited to offer more options for clients to pay at their own pace. We believe Klarna will help open up opportunities for more clients to book with you.

Making a Price or Service Adjustment to a Klarna Appointment

Since your client booked their appointment using Klarna, the authorized payment amount is non-adjustable, which means the price they confirmed at the time of booking is locked in. In order for the client to change their appointment, the appointment would need to be canceled and rebooked.

Once the appointment is canceled, you and your client will be able to go through the process to rebook their appointment using Klarna with whatever adjustments are necessary.

My Client is Not Seeing Klarna as an Option to Book With Me

There may be a few reasons your client is unable to book and pay with Klarna:

  1. You need to have payments enabled with StyleSeat to allow clients to choose Klarna.
  2. Your client may not have passed the eligibility requirements to qualify. We recommend they use another form of payment and contact Klarna for further assistance. Here’s a helpful resource for your client: Klarna help page.

How is the Tip Collected?

Because your client booked using Klarna, they would have needed to indicate the amount they wanted to tip at the time of booking. 

If your client did not choose to leave a tip when their appointment was booked, they would need to use an alternative payment method outside of StyleSeat.

We understand this may be inconvenient and are currently working to make updates that allow more flexibility with tipping using Klarna.

My Client is Seeing a Hold on Their Card Before Checkout

When a client books an appointment using Klarna, StyleSeat will authorize the total amount of the service and tip at the time of booking. While we do authorize the full amount, you can assure your client that only the first installment will be withdrawn from their account when the appointment is completed. The remainder of the installments will be withdrawn based on their agreed-upon payment schedule.

For more information, check out our blog: Klarna For StyleSeat Beauty Professionals Your Questions Answered

If you have any additiona questions, you can also visit Klarna’s website: Klarna help page

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