StyleSeat offers both full payment processing for your business and the ability to set no-show and late cancellation policies. In order to set a no-show/late cancellation policy, you'll need to set your account up to process payments with us. 

In order to set a No-Show and Late Cancellation policy, you'll need to set your account up to take payments via StyleSeat. 

Get Paid with StyleSeat payments.  
- No need for credit card swipers
- 2.75% fee for credit cards
- Add your bank account information and you're set

To set up payments via our app, click "More" on the lower right corner. From there click "Payments and No-Show Protection". Via your computer, log in and click "Payments & No-Show Protection" via your menu screen.

Once you're in "Payments and No-Show Protection" click "Get Started" to kick off our 3 step payments flow:

  1. Choose your no-show policy
  2. Choose between "Flexible, Moderate and Strict"
  3. Add your bank account information
  4. Verify your identity

To enforce and collect payments for a no-show/late cancellation policy:

- Your clients will need to have a credit card on file with us when booking their appointment
- If you charge a client for a service or no-show/late cancellation fee the money will be deposited in your bank. 

Great, now you’re ready to get paid!

  • Moving forward, clients will be required to enter a credit card when they book an appointment with you

  • If your CLIENT booked the appointment:
    • Select the appointment from your StyleSeat Calendar
    • Select "Checkout Now"
    • Either Confirm or Edit the details of the appointment 
    • Click "NEXT
    • Click "Charge $"

If you, as a Pro, booked an appointment for your client:

With StyleSeat, you can save client credit cards on file for fast and easy checkout. When you finish an appointment, open the appointment details and hit the Payment Method dropdown. Select Credit or Debit Card and enter your client’s payment information. Make sure you have your client’s consent to save their card on file and turn the Save for Future Appointments toggle on. Hit save in the top right corner and that card will be saved on file for all future appointments


Update your Bank Account Information

  1. Go to "More" > "Payments & No-Show Protection" > "Bank Account"
  2. Tap "Update" on your currently saved account
  3. Enter in your new bank information and tap "Save"