Pros want a full calendar while clients want to know when a spot opens up. To help with this, you can add those clients to your waitlist and when an appointment opens up, book a client directly from that list. Note that clients cannot add themselves to your waitlist.


Add a client to your waitlist


On the app:

1. Tap "Calendar" then the clock icon at the top-right of the screen

Note: You can also tap the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to view your wait list




2. From there, tap "ADD TO WAITLIST" to select a client from your list




On Desktop:

1. Click on the "Calendar" link and the option to "ADD TO WAITLIST" will be on the right of the screen



2. Choose a client from your client list or select  “Add New Client” to add a new client to your waitlist

3. Next, add a quick note to remind yourself what service and time your client was hoping to book


4, Hit "SAVE" and your client will be added to the list

5. To edit the waitlist notes, just select a client and click the icon to edit the note


Book an appointment from the waitlist

1. Select the client you want to book from your waitlist

2. Click “BOOK NOW” and select a time slot from your calendar

3. Fill out the appointment information and click "Save"