Summary: Learn about our custom form and waivers feature that allows you to improve your clients experience by easily gathering essential information before appointments.

As Hair Pros, we understand the frustration of not having all the info you need, resulting in endless back-and-forth with clients. They expect one thing, you prepare for another.

Get a custom intake form for your business to meet your appointment prep needs. From important waivers to must-have signatures, our flexible intake form has you covered. You gather key details upfront, so no more guesswork or back-and-forth, with clients.

Create Your Perfect Form

  • Build your form in seconds with our new form builder!
  • Select your preferred recipients for the form — new clients, returning clients, or everyone.
  • Tailor your form for certain services, and choose from multiple question types.
  • Consent signature options
  • Photo uploads for clients - great for inspiration photos!


Our Forms allow clients to provide more information before the appointment, giving you more insight into their needs and expectations. Here's a few benefits of using StyleSeat Forms:

  • Convenient and Customizable
  • Always Be Prepared for Appointments
  • Create Personalized Client Experiences
  • Save Time with Less Back-and-Forth
Client Eligibility

You can customize who receives the intake form. Select from the following types of eligible clients:

  • New clients
  • Existing clients
  • All clients
View and Edit Forms

Login to your StyleSeat app > Menu > Business settings > Front Desk > Forms

How to Create and Edit Questions

To add and/or edit questions on a form, go to Menu > Business settings > Front Desk > Forms

Once inside Forms settings, you can click on any of the default questions to customize them or click Add a Question to create a brand new form question.

Under Edit Questions, you can update the following:

Question Position
Determine the order in which questions appear on the form

Question Type
Question options include: multiple choice, free response, photo upload, policy or terms, and signature

For free response questions, you can free write your question

Description (optional)
Provide a brief summary to guide your clients on how to respond to free response questions.

Require Client Answer
Toggle ON/OFF to make question mandatory for clients

Only Show to New Clients
Toggle ON/OFF to only display this question for new clients booking you for the first time

How to Delete a Question

You can delete questions from a form by:

  • Swiping left on the question (mobile browser/app)
  • Clicking into the question and selecting the trash icon in the top right (mobile/app/desktop)
How to Customize Forms Based Off Services

You can tailor forms to match the specific services your clients book. When creating a new form, you have two options:

  • All Services
  • Selected Services

If you choose "Selected Services" click on Select Services to open a menu listing your services. Then, check the boxes next to the services you want for the custom form.

How Do Clients Receive and Fill Out the Form

Clients will see the Form they need to complete after they book an appointment with you in the appointment details section of their account under Appointments.

Once a client fills out the Form, you'll see it linked to the appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

How will my clients know about the Form?
Clients can see Form in their appointment details inside of their account under Appointments.

How will I know when a client completes the Form?
You would need to check the appointment details and there you will see the completed form once a client completes the form.

Are these questions mandatory or optional for clients?
You can select which questions are mandatory.

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