How To Sell Products

Article Summary: How to add products to your appointments, edit product cost, and how to checkout products.

Selling products is a great way to increase your revenue while providing value to your clients. You know the best products that your clients can use to maintain the styles that you provide in the chair. You can manage all your product sales through StyleSeat. Just add the products you want to sell to StyleSeat. During checkout, you can add any products your clients want to buy.

You don't have to list these products as services. Please note that these products won't be visible to your clients and you need to manually add them during checkout.

Adding Products

Login to your StyleSeat app > Menu > Business Settings > Frontdesk > Product

From the Product Menu, you can add a new product or a product category. 

Fill in details like the product name, price, category, and description, then tap Save.

If you need to make changes, you can easily edit or delete a product you've already added.

When you're completing the checkout after the appointment, you tell your clients about the products you sell and then add them during the checkout

Editing Product Details

You can edit the Product details and delete Products from your Product Menu at any time.

You can also edit Product details for a specific appointment when adding the Product to the client's appointment  -- example: customizing the price for a Product.

Adding Products to an Appointment at Checkout

Click on the appointment from your calendar or go to Clients and locate the client's appointment. 

Select Edit next to Products.  

Confirm the Product details and select Save.

Client Receipt

Your clients can view Products added to their appointment and the cost via the appointment Receipt, sent to clients automatically after checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What is the refund policy?

You can specify your own policy for Product sales and share this with your client.

Can I refund a Product after checkout?

Yes, you can refund a Product sale the same way you perform a standard refund. 

1. Click Calendar

2. Click on the appointment that you want to refund.

3. Click Refund

4. Select the reason and amount you want to refund related to the Product cost -- can be partial or full credit  

We currently do not have a reason field for Product sales. You can select any of the existing options that best fits the reason for the refund and add more details in the Notes section.

Can clients add Products before the appointment?

Right now, these products won't be visible to your clients and you need to manually add them during checkout. 

What fees will be charged to me and to my clients?

The standard credit card processing fee will apply to Products added to an appointment 

-- 2.75% Premium, 3.0% Basic

How can I cancel a Product that I added?

You can remove Products from an appointment before checkout by selecting Edit next to the Products line in the appointment details screen.

You can also issue a refund if you've already checked out the Product.

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