How to Sell Products

Article Summary: How to add products to your service menu and individual appointments, and how to checkout products.

Selling products is a great way to increase your revenue while providing value to your clients. You know the best products that your clients can use to maintain the styles that you provide in the chair. StyleSeat has a feature that allows you to list and add products to checkout to give your clients the tools they need to keep up with their specific needs and styles.

Adding Products to Your Booking Page

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Click Products
  4. Click Add Products

    5. From there you can enter the product information and an optional link.

    6. Click Save

NOTE: If you enter a link in your product description, client's can use that to go directly to your online store or affiliate website. If you don't have a link, clients will see a pre-filled modal to message you directly to request the product. You'll get a notification and an email every time you receive a product message request.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

How can I let clients know that I sell products?

Once you’ve added your products to your booking page, you can use our email template to let your clients know you’re now offering the salon-grade products they love.

I am booking an appointment for my client and do not see the option to add a product; how can I add a product?

The product can only be added to an appointment after it has already been created. Once an appointment has been created you can follow these instructions to add a product:

  1. Click on the appointment in your calendar.
  2. Click edit next to services.
  3. On this screen, you will see a field to enter a product cost.
  4. Click save. 
  5. Once you have added the product cost, it will display on the appointment details screen.

How can I keep track of inventory when I am not able to enter the specific product into the appointment?

At this time, we don't have a feature that will allow specific product titles to be tracked in appointment details. We recommend keeping a separate inventory as you add products to appointments to keep track of the products sold. 

Can I add a product that I used on the client during their appointment to checkout?

The best practice is to confirm with your client prior to the use of the product that it will be an additional charge on their appointment. After that, you're welcome to add a product that you used on a client to their appointment details prior to checkout. 

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