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Article Summary: Instructions on how to set up your service menu for virtual services and consultations, tips to promote virtual and consultation services, how to collect payment, and general tips and tricks.

Want to help your clients look and feel their best through a guided consultation service? Connecting with your clients over video chat is a great way to maintain your relationships and help your business when you can’t meet face-to-face. You can use StyleSeat to set up Virtual Services to support your clients and collect payment from the safety of your own home.


What Should I Offer As A Virtual Service?

Got a service you offer that requires upkeep?

Think about what your customers come to you for and how you can help them maintain this look between appointments. Think root touch-ups, braid maintenance, eyebrow grooming, skincare, and gel-nails. If you can walk your clients through these processes step-by-step, a virtual service might be a great additional offering to your service menu.

Help your clients improve their daily routines

This is a great opportunity to educate clients on new techniques that they can master at home. Client's trust our professionals and are always looking for industry secrets to stay on trend in their daily lives. 

Services that require a consultation

Offering and promoting paid or free consultations is a great way to drum up future business. The average appointment cost after consultation is almost 3X higher than a standard appointment. Using this time for virtual consults can help you earn more income out of future appointments and help you rebound strong.

Offer a style bootcamp

Want to show your clients how to achieve the perfect style repertoire but can’t fit it into an hour 1:1 consultation? Consider offering a multi-week Style Bootcamp. Walk your clients through a new technique, trend, or tool every week to help build their beauty education. Plus, with a webinar format, you can include multiple clients at once and record your Style Bootcamp course for later use. Check out the Olive and June mani bootcamp for inspo.


What Should I Charge?

Not sure what to charge? Take a look at online groups and fellow professionals for ideas. StyleSeat Pro and Esthetician, Stephanie Ollikainen, provides virtual consultations to her clients for professional skin care advice and “non-pushy” product recommendations. The skincare guru also offers virtual Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology sessions, customized to rebalance and restore the body and mind for $50 and up. Sign us up.

NOTE: whatever you choose, be sure to make it your own. You know your clients best and the skills they value most. There is no right or wrong answer!

Adding Virtual Services to Your Service Menu


Add a new "Virtual Services" category to the Service Menu

  • Go to your “Profile” and click on “MANAGE SERVICE MENU”.
  • Click on “Add” in Service Menu.
  • Click on “New Category” and add a “Virtual Services” category.

Add new services under this category

  • Go to your “Profile” and click on “MANAGE SERVICE MENU.”
  • Click on “Add” and click on “New Service” or “New Combined Service,” depending on what you want to add virtual appointments for.
  • Search or scroll and select "Virtual" This will provide a list of preset virtual services.
  • Edit the title, price, and duration based on what you want to offer.
  • Click “Save.”
  • Add and edit as many virtual services as you like for different offerings, length of time, and prices.

Get Paid For Your Virtual Service

  • If you have opted into StyleSeat payments, you can use our Request Payment feature to charge your clients wherever they are.
  • Once they’ve paid, the balance will be available in your account and you can cash out!

See What Virtual Services Pros Are Offering Around The Country

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