Online Booking Settings

Article Summary: How to turn on and manage your online booking settings.

Enable Or Disable Online Booking

In order to show up in search, you'll need to have online booking turned on. On the flip side, we understand there may be times when you need to turn booking off for a bit. Instructions to turn on and turn off online booking are below.

1. Tap More > Tap Online Booking & Profile

2. Tap Online Booking

3. Toggle Online Booking to On or Off > Tap Save

Set a minimum hour limit for clients to book

Nothing worse than stepping out for a break and having a client book you for a last-minute appointment while you're out! You can set a minimum hour limit for clients to book you at the last minute. For example, if you want at least 3 hours notice for an appointment, you'd just set your "Hours Notice for Online Booking" to 3 hours - then no client can book you with less than 3 hours' notice. 

NOTE: You can also manage other settings from showing last-minute availability to allowing multi-service bookings through this menu. All you need to do is to toggle or update the setting then tap Save to adjust your online booking settings.


Set booking preference to request via phone call 

If you'd like the ability to approve appointments before they can be automatically added to your calendar, you can set your services to be booked by request or phone call. You will receive a notification when a client requests an appointment with the ability to approve the request before the appointment is confirmed.

NOTE: You'll need to edit each service.

Here's how to update your booking settings for request via phone call:

  • Tap on More
  • Tap Front Desk
  • Tap Services
  • Tap the service you wish to make request-only
  • Scroll down and toggle BOOK VIA PHONE CALL ONLY to On
  • Tap Save

Lastly, here are step-by-step instructions on how to get your booking page searchable in our directory.

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