You can edit, create or combine your services and categories on StyleSeat to make your profile totally personalized to your business. 

Create or Edit Services and Categories

1. Tap/Click on "More" > "Front Desk" > "Services"

2. Tap/Click "ADD" 

- New Service (Individual services you offer)
- New Combined Service (Services that include more than one service)
- New Category (Categories allow you to organize your services into groups)


3. To add a new service
- choose a category
- choose the services you offer (you can choose more than one).


4. Select the price and duration for each service and "save".

Customize the Service Name
- Click on the service and edit under "service name"

-Service Type is what this service will be searchable under in the directory.


5. Add a category, Choose "ADD"
- select "New Category".
- Type your category name and "Save".


6. Now you can drag your services under the category of your choice.

7. To Add a New Combined Service 

- Choose "ADD"
- Select category,
- Select two or more services to create a combined service (you can choose from different categories).
- Set the price and duration of the combined services and "save".