How to manually add a client to your client list.

If you ever need to get just one or two clients added to your client list, we’ve got you covered. You can create a new client listing at any time, right from your Client tab.

NOTE: Having your clients already added to our system makes sure we know they are coming to book with you as a referral. This helps us focus on trying to bring more new clients your way through our marketing efforts, and improves the accuracy of our Marketing Program.

How To Add a Client

If you need to manually add a new client to your list, you can do so in just a few steps!:

  1. Click on the Client tab on your profile

  2. On the Client tab, click “Add New Client”

  3. Put in the client’s name, email address, and phone number

    1. Optional, you can click “Add More Details” to put in additional info like their address or birthday

  4. Once you’ve got their info added, click the “Save” button

If you have a larger group of existing clients you need to get added to your list, you can check out our article on options to do that HERE!