Why Can't I Adjust The Appointment Cost? | Basic Plan

Right now our Basic Plan does not allow price adjustments, you do still have the ability to add or remove a service from the appointment.


As an alternative, you can create an identical service in your service menu only visible to you with the updated price. You can then add this service to the appointment. How To Edit Services.

If you need to create a discounted service:
  • Add an identical service to your existing one and alter the price to match the discount
  • Toggle OFF so this service is only visible to you
  • We recommend that you customize the service name with details about the discount (ie: "Haircut - 50% off")
  • If you prefer not to advertise the discount to your client, you can always keep the service name the same when you add the new discounted service to your service menu. Your client will be unaware of the difference
  • Once the service is added to your service menu, you can click on Details then Edit inside of your appointment and update the existing service to the newly discounted one
  • The price will update and you can continue to checkout your client with the new service cost
If you need to increase the service cost:
  • We recommend including “Add On” services in your service menu
  • For example, you can add services to your menu for "$10 Add On," "$20 Add On," etc.
  • You can make these additional services only visible to you by toggling OFF the Display service on my profile setting inside of the service details in your service menu
  • From here you can go to your calendar and open the appointment details and click Edit. From this window, you can select Add Service and confirm your preferred add-on service amount
  • The price will update and you can continue to checkout your client with the new service cost
As a reminder, you won’t be able to check out appointments as cash on the Basic Plan.

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