Article summary: Learn how to set up a promotional discount on one of your services.

Do you ever do special deals on any of your services? Seasonal specials, discounts on a brand new service you over, or even a limited-time low price to celebrate opening a new salon? Well if you do any of these or more, we’ve got you covered with running those promotions right from your StyleSeat profile!

How to set up a Promotional Campaign

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Promotions under Tools.
  3. Click Create Promotion to start your campaign setup.
  4. Enter a Name for the promotion, and a Description of what it is. 
  5. Click Select a Service to choose the service or services from your menu to apply the Promotion to.
  6. Select a date for the Promotion to start, and a date for it to end.
  7. For Promotion Value choose either a dollar amount, or a percentage of the standard cost to be discounted.
  8. Under Limit use the dropdown to select how many times a client can have the promotion apply. 
  9. Once you’ve filled out each of those fields, click Preview Promotion
  10. On the Promotion Overview page you’ll get the chance to look over the details of the promotion to confirm everything is correct.
  11. Once you’ve confirmed all the information on this page, you can click Stop Promotion if you want to cancel the promotion. Otherwise, click Publish 

Congratulations, you just started your promotional campaign!! If for any reason you need to stop an active campaign before its listed end date, you can go back to Promotions from the Menu page in the bottom right and click on the active promotion, and you will see the Stop Promotion option. Otherwise, When a client comes to check your page to book with you, they’ll see any active campaigns right up at the top of the page!

NOTE: If you want to make sure that your clients know you have a promotion going, you can check out our article on how to send Marketing Campaign emails here!

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