New Client Connection: Best Practices and Tips!

Article Summary: Tips on how to provide the best experience for new clients booking you through our New Client Connection program, and general best practices to get the most out of the program.

Benefit from the millions of clients actively seeking services on StyleSeat each month. Through New Client Connection, we amplify your profile, ensuring you're a top choice for those high-quality clients while you remain devoted to your expertise. We invest in Google Ads, digital and social media marketing, and more to connect you with quality clients and ensure your calendar is consistently booked. Focus on delivering exceptional services while we take care of bringing new clients to you.

We’ve compiled a list of factors to take into account to be sure your clients are getting the best experience, and we can continue to send new clients your way!

Optimize Your Profile to Attract New Clients

Professionals who have opted into New Client Connection will be boosted in search to increase visibility for new clients! Make sure your profile is completed and showcases your best work to inspire new clients to book!

Checkout New Clients on StyleSeat

Checking out new client appointments through StyleSeat payments is the best practice to ensure a seamless client experience and improve the functionality of New Client Connection. When you complete and pay for the appointment through us, the more new clients you will get.

Follow Our Marketplace Rules to Stay in Good Standing

By running your beauty business on StyleSeat, you agree to abide by our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, which we reserve the right to enforce at our sole discretion in order to protect the client platform experience. In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may permanently delist a Pro’s profile from our marketplace so that potential clients will no longer encounter them. For more information, click here

Update Your Availability Regularly

Making sure your StyleSeat calendar is up-to-date with your availability each week is crucial so clients that book with you are able to be serviced at the time they book. StyleSeat has lots of tools to help keep on top of managing your busy schedule. For information on managing your calendar, click here.

Avoid Canceling Last-Minute

Canceling last minute on a new client we sent you can create a bad experience for first-time clients and deter them from booking with you in the future. We understand that canceling an appointment last minute is not always in your control. If you do need to cancel the appointment please be sure to do it from your calendar so you can waive the one-time new client fee. 

Update Your Address as Needed

New clients will be more likely to book when they see a valid business address displayed on your booking page. If you don’t display your address on your booking page, please be sure to communicate directions to clients prior to their appointment.

Take Action Immediately To Confirm The New Client Appointment

Please accept or reject the clients immediately when the new client request pops up in your account for a better client experience.

Rate Your New Client Experience

After you’ve completed a new client appointment, you can give them a rating that will help us continue to send the right type of clients your way! Your feedback is important, and we would like to understand if this new client meets your expectations. Please rate the new clients so that we can continue to improve and send you better ones.

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