How to Claim a Client From New Client Connection

Article Summary: Learn about the process of requesting a correction on the New Client Connection program for a client you already know.

StyleSeat’s New Client Connection ensures that quality clients easily discover and book you. However, we also know that plenty of our Pros do their own marketing, or get word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family, or other past clients. If you ever feel a connection isn't from us, requesting a correction is simple and quick.

Disputing the One-Time New Client Fee

We want to make sure we don’t incorrectly take credit for making a new connection. If any of your clients are incorrectly marked as new, you have a few options:

Accept/Decline Client Pop Up

A modal will pop up to accept or decline the new client. If you believe there was a mistake in the client showing up as new, we recommend clicking Decline >> I know this client.

You will then have the opportunity to resolve the mistake and instantly remove the New Client Connection for your client by verifying the clients phone number.

NOTE: You will have a few chances to enter the phone number to verify.

Requesting a Correction Through the Appointment Details

1. Click on the appointment in your calendar

2. Click the tag New Client from StyleSeat

3. Click Request Correction

From there you will be prompted to send in a ticket to our support team to request to disable or reverse the one-time New Client Connection fee.

Send an Email directly to Support

You can also request a correction by contacting StyleSeat Customer Support directly.

If the one-time New Client Connection fee was deducted from the revenue from an appointment with a client that was not new, we will gladly issue a refund for the fee. Use the same link in the appointment details to reach us or contact StyleSeat Customer Support directly.

Learn More

Harness the power of StyleSeat’s New Client Connection to boost your bookings and grow your revenue. Focus on what matters the most – Say goodbye to the stress of marketing and let us deliver a consistent flow of new clients to your doorstep. For more information on this program, check out more videos in this series, or feel free to reach out to our Support team with any questions you may have.

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