Your professional has the ability to charge a no-show & late cancellation fee for their clients who book with them. The policy is displayed on their booking page.

How these policies work:

When a client misses an appointment or cancels within 24 hours of the appointment time, the professional can charge their client a percentage of the booked service listed on their booking page. All no-show or late cancelation policies are decided upon and set up by your professional.

*StyleSeat does NOT have the power to set up or enforce any policy for a professional. 

NOTE: StyleSeat only provides the software that allows professionals to set up a list of services, manage appointments, accept online bookings, and charge or not charge for a service etc.

All charges are collected directly by your professional. StyleSeat has no authority to issue any refunds on behalf of the professionals who use our software. Please call your professional directly to handle all refunds.