There could be several reasons your credit card was declined when attempting to book or pay for an appointment. 

Prior to booking an appointment online, a temporary authorization is run to determine if the card is active and funded.


We no longer are able to accept cards with the following conditions:

  • Credit or debit card with a balance of less than the anticipated appointment cost within 48 hours of the service
  • Cards where the zip code on file does not match the zip code on the card's billing address

If your card isn't accepted, you'll need to use a different card to book the appointment.  

If your card does not fall under any of the above and is still not accepted, please contact your bank or credit card issuer directly. (Please do not send us your credit card number for investigation.)

Card Declined During Checkout

Up to 48 hours before the appointment, a temporary authorization may be run for slightly higher than the anticipated amount to account for potential changes to the final service total. This is a security measure to ensure that pros will be successfully paid by clients who use our platform. On occasion, a card may be declined during checkout due to the following reasons:

  • The bank's internal fraud controls are not allowing the transaction to go through
  • The name on the card doesn't match the one you entered when adding the card or their name on your StyleSeat account
  • The card has insufficient funds to pay for the service

You have some options:

  • Contact the bank and make sure they are allowing the transaction to go through
  • Make sure the zip code and the cardholder name are correct
  • Add a different card to your StyleSeat account

If all of the above are correct and we still can't process your payment on StyleSeat, the card just may not be accepted by our payments processor.