How to Pay Your Professional

Article Summary: Everything you need to know about checking out with your StyleSeat professional!

NOTE: Depending on the appointment type or what plan your professional is on, some appointments may be required to charge through the app. We've found that most clients prefer the seamless and secure experience of paying through StyleSeat and some of our more advanced features require payments to be cashless. You should receive notifications before and after the appointment when you have an upcoming appointment that will be charged to a card.


Before the appointment

  • When you book an appointment, you will be required to enter a valid credit card and a booking fee will be charged at the time of booking. For more information on the booking fee, click here.
  • The best practice is to communicate with your professional prior to the appointment time to be sure that you understand and are comfortable with their payment preferences. 
  • Depending on what plan they are on and the type of appointment, your professional may require that you check out on the app via card. 
  • While it is not recommended, some professionals require checkout via Cash, Venmo or another platform. StyleSeat always recommends paying through the app for the most secure checkout experience.

At the appointment

  • Upon arriving at your appointment, the best practice is to confirm preferred payment so your professional knows what to expect, as they may need to manage the appointment on their end to avoid your card on file being charged if that is not your preferred method. 
  • If your professional checks out the appointment manually, they will need a signature to charge you for the appointment.

Tipping your professional

  • Appointments that checkout through the app will have a link sent to the client via text after the appointment where they will have the option to confirm, waive, or edit a 20% tip. If nothing is done through the link, the 20% tip will be charged. 
  • You can set up a default tip in your account prior to your appointment, and that amount is what will be charged at the appointment. If you have a default tip set to 0, you will not be charged a tip. For more information on tipping, please click here.

Touchless Checkout

  • You can set your preference for contact-free payments during the booking process.
  • After you select your professional, service, and appointment date/time, click Book Now.
  • From here, a message will appear asking you if you would like to Turn On StyleSeat Payments, and doing so will turn on touchless checkout.
  • You can update this setting from inside your account under My Appointments by clicking on Manage Payments.
  • You will also receive an SMS after you confirm your appointment with a link to easily enable Touchless Payment directly from your phone.

NOTE: this only toggles on or off Touchless Payments. Even if you do not select touchless checkout for your appointment, the appointment may be set up to checkout automatically through the app (depending on the appointment type and the plan your pro is on)


If you want to pay in advance so you don’t have to worry about checkout after you get your service done, you can opt to prepay for your appointment

  1. Tap My Appointments
  2. Tap Manage Payment

  3. Tap Confirm & Pay Now

  4. Your card will be charged, and you will receive a text with a confirmation of payment as well as a link if you would like to tip and review your professional.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Does my professional have my credit card information saved after an appointment?

If you book the appointment through your client account, your professional will be able to save your card as the default payment for future appointments. If you want to remove your card from your client listing, you can delete it through your client account. If you have an active appointment booked, you will not be able to delete your card without adding a new card.

What if I want to pay in cash?

Due to some subscriptions and features that your professional may have, some appointments may be set up to charge the card on file after the appointment. The best practice is to communicate with your professional prior to the appointment if you wish to pay in cash so they can manage the appointment and make sure your card is not charged.

Why was my card charged even though I did not select touchless checkout?

Depending on which plan your professional is subscribed to and the type of appointment, the checkout may have been set up to charge the card automatically, and your professional may have forgotten to adjust it. We recommend reaching out to your professional to request a refund. Feel free to contact StyleSeat Customer Service if you need further assistance.

Why was I charged before the appointment if I did not select prepayment?

There may be a temporary authorization hold placed on your card when you book an appointment. The authorization will be for slightly more than the appointment cost to account for any changes or tips. Once the appointment is checked out, any additional amount will be reversed. If the appointment is canceled, the authorization will be reversed. For more information on temporary authorizations, click here.

What if I was charged the wrong amount?

All prices are determined by your professional, and charges are collected directly by your professional. StyleSeat does not influence what is charged for a specific service or appointment. If you feel a mistake was made, we recommend reaching out to your professional directly. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact StyleSeat Customer Service.

What if my card is declined?

For a helpful guide for when a card is declined, click here.

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